Well Known Schools that teaches Microbiology

feature-3Pharmaceutical and Generic Engineering firms are searching for Microbiologist. If you are in U.S and are in need of the best school that provides the best education for those who wanted to become a Microbiologist, the top 4 includes Harvard University, Stanford, University of California—​Berkeley, and University of Wisconsin—​Madison. These top 4 Universities are considered to be the best option to provide the best possible education for you. Read More→

The Difference Between Cell Biology and Microbiology

feature-2 Cell Biology and Microbiology are almost simultaneous with each other every time we hear of these two disciplines. Somehow, there is a difference between the two as Cell Biology deals with the Cells in the human body, animals, plants and other living organisms while the Microbiology are for those that deals with microorganisms such as viruses and bacteria. Read More→

What is Microbiology

feature-1Microbiology relates to the science or study or bacteria, viruses, fungus and other small bits or organisms that are found in every life forms.Most of these microorganism cannot be seen by the naked eye and would need a special apparatus to be identified. Read More→